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One of the most important oral health risks you should always be looking out for is oral cancer. In the United States alone, every year more than 42,000 new cases of oral cancer are found. Always keep your teeth and gums clean, and schedule regular oral cancer screenings. Here are some common signs and symptoms that should require you to seek out an oral cancer screening:

– There are abnormalities in your mouth on your gums including irregular lumps, bumps, bad patches, long-term swelling, and erosions.
– If you have irregular patches or discolorations in your mouth that appear white, red, or spotty, you may require a cancer screening.
– Look for unexplained or unusual bleeding.
– Check for recurring numbness or ear pain in all areas in and around the facial area.
– Look for long-term sores or sore throats that do not heal or continually recur.
– Unexplained dramatic weight loss is often a symptom of a physical ailment.
– If you are beginning to struggle with eating, speaking, or swallowing, it may be a sign of oral cancer.

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