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Historically, regularly flossing the teeth has been the least-followed advice dentists have given. New technology, such as Water Flossers, makes flossing much more convenient and enjoyable, with no loss of regular cleaning effectiveness along with several great advantages.

Water flossers clean plaque off of the spaces in between your teeth by shooting a modulated stream of water designed to pulse in order to loosen and wash away the plaque and debris more effectively. A number of studies have even found that Waterpik® flossers are even more efficient at removing plaque than standard floss.

Another benefit water flossers have is their ability to treat gum disease. The same potent advantages that make them so effective at removing plaque from between teeth make them just as effective at removing the bacteria that cause gum disease.

Cleaning around braces is another area where water flossers shine. The wires and anchors of orthodontic appliances make traditional flossing a logistical and habitual nightmare. Water flossers are perfectly designed to clean around them with no hassle.

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